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Articles Tagged with termination of parental rights

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By: Y Michael Yin, JD

In re F.S.T.Y. and A.A.L.Y., ____NC______ No.129A19 (2020).

Termination of parental rights cases are complicated and difficult. Even more so when one parent is out of state and having to litigate in North Carolina. In the case below, we discuss how the North Carolina Supreme Court upheld a termination of parental rights for an out of state parent that had no ties to North Carolina whatsoever. Continue reading →

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In re NNB, COA 19-261 (Unpublished opinion)

The family courts in North Carolina operate under one abiding principle: the best interest of the child. This overarching concept takes precedence over every other consideration and can produce unexpected results. This article discusses a recent case in our county in which a father wanted custody of his minor child, but circumstances were not good for his case. Continue reading →