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National Pizza Party Day – Do It for the Kids

We’ve written before on the importance of establishing some new routines and traditions after (or during) a tough separation and divorce. Sometimes if you focus on the simple things it can make the difficult and complicated seem easier to deal with, especially in a contentious custody case. The courts believe that they ought to do what is in the best interests of the kids, and so should you. This May, treat yourself and your kids to some soul-nourishing pizza. You can eat veggies some other day.

In general, pizza is not good for you. It is not a healthy choice (unless you are into cauliflower crusts). But it is sometimes good for the soul. Pizza is a great equalizer. Many people like it, and there are so many ways to customize it to your and/or your kid’s preference. Vegan? No problem – use vegan ingredients. Gluten free? There are some lovely gluten free crusts. Love meat? Have you been to Pizza Hut recently? Regardless, sometimes you just need something to rejuvenate the soul for yourself and for your kids. A pizza party might just be the answer.

May 20, 2022 is National Pizza Party Day. You don’t need a more perfect excuse for throwing yourself and the kids and nice event with some lovely pies. I don’t remember much from my early childhood, just bits and fragments. Many fragments are memories of food and fun, and at the center of them all were my parents. That’s all we get, just those fragments, but they cement my feelings about my childhood and loving parents. So the more of those moments, the better. It may seem endlessly silly to think that a simple pizza party can have a lasting impact, but I wager that your kids will remember it. Look back in your own vault of memories and see which bring out the warm and nostalgic feelings of your parents. There are probably many associated with food and drink. Just as you have cemented those memories and call upon them for nostalgia, your kids too will look back fondly and remember the feelings, smells, and taste. That general warmth. Unless, that is, you forget to let the pizza cool and it burns the roof of your mouth.