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9 of the Best Apps for Families

Venn Crawford, non-attorney Marketing Assistant

Looking for a new way to organize or connect? Here are some of the best apps for families.

Apps for Organization

Stridepost – This family managing app features chore lists, allowance trackers, and a family calendar, all of which sync across devices so that the whole family’s on the same page. Parents can add tasks to a child’s to-do list, which the child then receives points for completing. At the end of the week, kids get their “payday” and collect the points, which are redeemable for rewards. Both parents and kids can add rewards. Both kids and parents can add events to the shared family calendar, and family members can keep each other updated using the built-in family chat. (For parents: iOS, Android; for kids: iOS, Android)

Choremonster – Assign chores to your kids, which they’ll receive points for completing. Kids can trade in points for rewards the parent chooses. Kids can log into the app to check what chores they have assigned and let parents know what they’ve finished. (iOS, Android)

Cozi – This might be the ultimate family organizer. Keep track of all the family’s events and appointments with the shared calendar and daily agenda. Delegate family chores with shared to-do and shopping lists, and add due dates to time-sensitive tasks. The recipe planner tool allows you to store your favorite recipes, which you can then drag and drop onto the calendar for fast and easy meal planning. Know what you’re making this week? Just add the recipe to your shopping list. (iOS, Android, Browser)

Mint – An all-in-one finances app, Mint allows you to keep track of your balance, bills, and budget all in one screen. The app presents information in an easy-to-digest format, and its home screen widgets mean you don’t need to open the app to check your balance. The budget tracks your budget and spending in real time, letting you know if you’re on track for the month. (iOS, Android)


Apps for Entertainment – Have a favorite TV show you binge with your kid? Watch it even when you’re not together with Rabbit (and video chat while you do)! Rabbit also has a group chat feature. (iOS, Android)

Snapchat – If you’ve got a teenager, chances are they’re using snapchat. This social media app lets you send photos and videos that disappear after being viewed (you’ll be notified if the recipient screenshots it). Whether you’re watching the sunset or waiting in line at Walmart, you can share a snapshot of your day. Snapchat is also much more private than Facebook or similar apps, as others can only add you if they have your phone number or username. (iOS, Android)

Pokémon GO – Make walking the dog a little more fun by catching some pokémon along the way! Pokémon GO is great for playing in groups, as you can work together to defeat gyms and fight in raid battles against giant pokémon. The friends feature allows you to send other players gifts as well – a great way to remind your kids that you’re thinking about them when they’re away. (iOS, Android)

HQ Trivia – This trivia game is a ton of fun for families with older kids. You have 10 seconds to answer each multiple-choice question, and if you get them all correct, you’ll split the prize with the other winners – but a wrong answer will eliminate you. The game is on daily at 8pm and 9pm EST, with a special “winner takes all game” on Sundays. Gather around with the family after dinner and see who can make it furthest! (iOS, Android)

Heads Up! – In this fun family game, one person tries to guess what card is shown on the phone while the others give them clues. But hurry – you don’t have long to figure it out! Heads up has multiple decks, including celebrities, movies, animals, accents, and more. (iOS, Android)


by Venn Crawford, Marketing Assistant