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Y Michael Yin, JD

In Nevada, the Supreme Court recently issued a ruling affirming the public’s constitutional right to access Family Court proceedings, overturning a rule change that had closed some hearings. The Court found that the rule violated the First Amendment right to access court proceedings.

In the ruling, the Court acknowledged the importance of protecting litigants’ privacy in family law matters but emphasized that privacy interests do not automatically override the public’s right to access court proceedings. However, some Justices dissented, arguing that Family Court cases should be treated differently from other civil proceedings and pointing to laws regarding confidentiality in adoption and parental rights termination cases.

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911 records can be valuable exhibits for the court in your case, whether that is custody, domestic violence, or anything else related. Here are ways to obtain a redacted form of the records on your own:

To request 911 records in Greensboro, North Carolina, you’ll need to provide specific information depending on the type of record you’re seeking: Continue reading →