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Dillree v. Dillree

Navigating the intricacies of divorce and legal separation is often a complex and emotionally challenging process. The recent court case of Dillree v. Dillree, adjudicated by the North Carolina Court of Appeals, provides critical insights into the nuanced nature of such proceedings, especially for middle-aged to older adults. This case is particularly relevant for Greensboro divorce lawyers, who often encounter scenarios where the separation process intersects with issues of competency and guardianship. Continue reading →

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In the Matter of R.D.B., A Minor Child (No. COA19-1019)


Many children in Guilford County have guardians appointed by the court for a variety of reasons. A child who no longer has any living biological parents is a common example of when a court will appoint an adult to step in and make decisions on behalf of the minor child. In the Matter of R.D.B. addresses how petitioners Ruby and Caleb Harkness—maternal grandparents of the minor child—appealed from the order appointing Raymond Mann to serve as the guardian of the minor child R.D.B. (“Robert”). Continue reading →