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National Puppy Day and National Cuddly Kitten Day

Judi Rossabi, Communications Director

If you are experiencing loneliness during divorce, getting a pet can help. A pet can be a great companion and can help cheer you up. Today is national puppy day and national cuddly kitten day. Both animals make great pets and definitely make things a little livelier around the house! Coming home to an empty house is a huge challenge for newly separated and divorced people and having a furry friend to greet you can brighten your day.

Cat vs. Dog – What’s Your Style?

Most people can tell you on the spot whether they are a cat person or a dog person. What’s your style? Puppies have loads of energy and need to be walked outdoors several times a day. Kittens are playful and fun and can be trained to use a litter box inside. Both animals are warm companions who offer unconditional love. This can be a huge benefit when going through a separation or divorce!

Pets Can Help Family Dynamics

If you have children, pets can be beneficial in helping them adjust to a new family dynamic. As they switch households on a schedule, having a special puppy or cuddly kitten waiting for your child can help in several ways.

First of all, pets are fun and children love playing with them. Second, the unconditional love that they provide helps everyone adjust to a new situation. Third, taking care of a family pet can teach responsibility and introduce children to caring for animals.

Making New Friends

There’s no doubt that a puppy is helpful in making new friends. When you are out walking, people will stop and inquire about your puppy. This leads to conversations and is also good socialization for your pup! Many people like to post cute pics of their kitten or puppy on social media. This will lead to positive interactions from your ‘social’ friends and followers. If you are feeling down, these ‘likes’ can help boost your spirits and make life a little more fun.

Next Steps – Finding the Perfect Companion for Your Family

Once you’ve made a decision to add a puppy or kitten to your life, you may wonder where to find one. A good place to start is a reputable animal rescue organization. These organizations often have puppies or kittens available for adoption. You can visit the potential pet and get to know their personality a little before you make the leap.

Another place to explore is the local animal shelter. It can be intimidating to visit the shelter on your own, so bring a friend to help you navigate and visit with potential pets. Keep in mind that animals may be scared and confused at a shelter because it is a noisy environment and does not have the same feeling as a home.

You may find your perfect pet through a friend. Someone that you know may have kittens or puppies that need a home. This will give you the opportunity to visit and get to know the animal’s personality. Also, your friend can share insight into the animal’s background.

Or you may end up finding your special furry friend at a local pet store or a breeder. Keep in mind, there is more than one way to end up with a great addition to your family.

Finally, once you have found your cute puppy or cuddly kitten, it’s time to find a good veterinarian for that first check-up. You can look online or ask friends. There are many veterinarians to choose from and it’s important to find an animal clinic that is convenient and helpful in taking care of your pet.