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Tiger Woods, His Girlfriend, and Oral Tenancy Agreements

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman were a couple for nearly six years.  The couple split in October 2022.  While together, the couple resided in Woods’ home in Jupiter, Florida.  Herman has sued the Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust for at least $30 million after Woods asked her to move out of his home following the split.  Herman claims Woods controls the trust.  Woods filed a Motion to Intervene as a defendant in the matter Herman filed with the 19th Judicial Circuit Court in Martin County, Florida.    

According to Woods’ attorneys, Herman sued the trust to avoid the agreement she previously made with Woods to arbitrate all disputes.  Woods initiated arbitration proceedings in December 2022, but those proceedings were halted in January 2023 after Herman alleged that she cannot be compelled to arbitrate.

In the lawsuit filings, Herman alleges she and Woods formed an oral tenancy agreement which allowed her to live in Woods’ home rent-free and expense-free in exchange for her performing personal services during the couple’s six year relationship.  Herman claims Woods breached the agreement when he asked her to move out of his home in October 2022 following their split.  Herman alleges there were about five years left on the oral agreement at this time.  In opposition to Herman’s allegations, Woods’ attorneys assert Woods never negotiated an oral tenancy agreement with Herman.

In addition to the claims related to an alleged oral tenancy agreement, Herman also alleges Woods forced her to sign an NDA, which is invalid and unenforceable.  Herman claims the trust is wrongfully using the NDA agreement against her in an attempt to force arbitration.