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Wayne Hopper, Legal Assistant

STEWART v. STEWART, 141 NC App. 236

Dividing assets collected throughout a marriage is an unfortunate but necessary undertaking with divorce. This process can cause conflict, especially when the asset was brought into the marriage by one party. In North Carolina, a business stake or an interest in a professional practice can be considered a marital asset subject to Equitable Distribution. While a premarital agreement is worth considering for a party bringing assets into a marriage, the language contained therein is just as important. Your spouse may challenge a premarital agreement without clear and suitable terms. Let’s look at one such case.    Continue reading →

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It is no secret that millennials often get a bad rap.  As one of the largest generations in history, their influence in the world is far-reaching. Growing up in rapidly changing times has meant that millennials have redefined many aspects of life, with priorities and expectations drastically different from previous generations.  As a result, millennials have successfully put their spin on prenuptial agreements and are looking at this important pre-marital contract through a different lens. Continue reading →