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Divorce and child custody proceedings are often adversarial and challenging processes. With cases that involve high stakes and emotions, courts may decide to appoint a parenting coordinator.

What is a Parenting Coordinator?

A parenting coordinator is an impartial third party who helps in high-conflict cases[1]. The coordinator has the authority to perform a number of tasks that involve compliance with court orders and dispute resolution. Some common potentially contentious areas that they may assist[2] with include: Continue reading →

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Shebalin v. Shebalin, 2022-NCCOA-410.


This appeal arose from the appointment of a parenting coordinator. Parenting coordinators are often appointed to child custody cases when the parents absolutely cannot get along. Plaintiff and Defendant had a minor child together who was at the center of their custody dispute. The trial court’s finding was that the case had become “high conflict” and thus a parenting coordinator was appointed for a term of years. In 2019, Defendant filed a motion to appoint again and was met with a motion to dismiss. At the hearing on these motions in 2020, the trial court again labeled the case high conflict, denied the motion to dismiss, and then set out a future date for the appointment of a coordinator. Continue reading →