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Part 6: Trans Kids and Gender Affirming Treatment

Gender transition can be a tricky prospect for transgender adults, but it is even more complicated for transgender children and their parents. Parents of transgender children may be confused about what gender affirming treatment even means for a minor.

Children can start to identify as transgender very young. Children who are allowed to freely express and explore gender may go through different phases of gender expression, but it is important for a child’s future mental health that you believe and support them, no matter what gender they may be identifying as at the time. Continue reading →

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Helpful Information on How to Update Gender Identity on Government-Issued IDs

A person’s gender identity is defined as their innate sense of belonging to a particular gender. It specifically differs from the gender assigned at birth, which is based on the presence of external genitalia. Gender identify is something that develops biologically along with the body and mind. Accordingly, a transgender person is someone whose gender identity does not match their gender assigned at birth. Such misalignment can result in gender dysphoria, a medical diagnostic term for a condition in which someone experiences clinically significant distress persisting for at least six months.

The treatment for gender dysphoria is not limited to pharmaceutical or surgical procedures. Rather, one of the first steps is to transition socially. This can mean using the pronouns that the transgender person identifies with. A large step forward in treatment is when one’s gender identity is acknowledged by others, including the government by way of allowing updates to government issued identification.

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