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T.J. Holmes to Divorce Marilee Fiebig

T.J. Holmes, the Good Morning America star who was axed after an ABC network internal investigation, has filed for divorce from his wife of ten years, Marilee Fiebig.  Rumors began that Holmes and Amy Robach, another Good Morning America star, were romantically linked despite both being married to other people.  After ABC’s internal investigation, it was decided that both should move on from the network and pursue other opportunities.    

The Divorce Process

Holmes is well acquainted with the divorce process.  In March 2007, Holmes’s former wife, Amy Ferson, filed for divorce.  The U.S. Sun obtained exclusive documents from the lawsuit.  According to the U.S. Sun, Ferson filed a divorce complaint wherein she sought alimony support.  The couple eventually entered into a settlement agreement.  Ferson was awarded monthly alimony payments of $2,000 over the course of three years.

In addition to the alimony payments, Ferson was awarded $25,000 out of the couple’s joint savings account, and Holmes was ordered to pay the remainder of Ferson’s BMW lease and to continue to provide health care through his employer.  It is estimated that Holmes’s divorce from Ferson cost him upwards of $100,000.  

Claims for Child Custody

During Holmes’s alleged affair with Amy Robach, Holmes filed for divorce from his second wife, Marilee Fiebig, in late December.  This divorce will presumably include claims for child custody as the couple share a daughter, Sabine Holmes, age 10.  There is much speculation as to how Holmes’s alleged affair with Robach will play a role in custody as it came with much press coverage and its impact on the parties’ daughter is still to be determined.