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How to Survive Wedding Season After a Divorce

By Kristina Pisano, Blog Writer, Woodruff Family Law Group

The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, and a warm breeze is telling you it is that time of year again…wedding season! You have been getting happy couples pictures asking you to “Save-the-date” for their special day since January 2. Bridal shower invites are rolling in on your email and Facebook event list, and you just can’t keep up with all the registries, bows and what color towels the happy couple prefers. It gets worse when the official wedding invitation comes, and you have to RSVP that it is just you, arriving solo. How depressing? Wedding season is tricky after a divorce. You want to be happy for your friend who found their soul mate, but how can you survive the wedding season without the feeling that you somehow failed at married life? These tips can hopefully give you advice on how to survive the season of wedded bliss.

  1. It’s your best friend’s sister’s wedding who is marrying her high school sweetheart. You never really got along with her, you were more of just an invite by association, and your best friend knows how hard this divorce has been. If it would do more damage to you personally by attending this love-fest, tell her you to have other commitments. Send her those purple bed sheets that are on her registry and make a date with your best friend for after the wedding to hear all the juicy gossip. If your best friend happens to be single, you two need to enjoy the night out, live it up and never leave the dance floor!
  2. Your college roommate is getting married and she REALLY wants you to come. It has been almost four years since you have seen her, but she actually looks happy with her new fiancé. They are getting married in your college town, and some old college friends will be there. Check yes on your RSVP and order the crab cakes! This could be a good night out showing everyone that your divorce did not hurt you. Arrive the night before and see if your other college buds can meet at your old college hangout. Make it more about catching up with friends than focusing on the wedding and marriage you didn’t have. You never know if your old college crush will be around.
  3. A coworker is getting married and invites the entire office. It is very sweet of her to think of everyone in the office, but will you really be missed? Go in on an expensive gift with other coworkers and tell her you have family obligations. Take the night to catch up on your favorite show and order-in. If you are not the type to sit at home at think about her wedded bliss, call up some girlfriends and schedule a girl’s night. Go to a fancy restaurant, order dessert and check out a few local hot spots.
  4. Your best friend asks you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. This is, of course, is a no-brainer, SAY YES! You know how happy her soon to be husband makes her, and she has been there for you through everything. Even when it is hard, smile and tell her how much you enjoy wearing pink (even though it looks horrible on you). Play the silly bridal shower games and party it up with her during the bachelorette party. You never know what good looking groomsman you will be paired up with at the wedding!