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Five Ways to Mend Your Broken Heart

By Judi Rossabi

Divorce can be a heartbreaking experience. Everything changes, and even friends and family share in the ups and downs of a breakup. Back in the ’70s, a hit song by The Bee Gees lamented “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.”

The song was a number-one hit and even became the title track of The Bee Gees documentary. The song is famous for such lines as:

“How can you stop the rain from falling down?”

“Tell me, how can you stop the sun from shining?” and most importantly,

“What makes the world go ’round?”

Five Tips to Help You Mend Your Broken Heart

Today we will share five tips to help you mend your broken heart and move forward after a divorce.

After all, your world still needs to keep going around!

First, let’s talk about sunshine! It’s essential to get outside. Being outdoors can help boost your mood and improve your outlook on life. Find a park near you and head out for a morning or afternoon walk. You can do it alone or ask a friend or neighbor to join you.

Second, how about those rainy winter days and long, cold nights? A strategy to deal with seasonal depression and being unable to get outdoors might be just the thing to help you get on the mend. Find a series you enjoy on Netflix and get involved with the characters and plot. Or consider watching your favorite comedy skits on YouTube.

Third, let’s look at “What makes the world go ’round.” To many people, especially Bee Gees fans, that can be music! If you live in an urban area, your town might offer live music at little or no cost. In the Piedmont Triad, there are dozens of music offerings many nights of the week, especially on weekends. Often, the only price is a tip to the band. Check out your local scene on Facebook events and plan some live music outings. Local musicians will appreciate your support, and it can be a great way to catch up with friends or make new friends.

The fourth tip for overcoming a broken heart is to find a group activity that can get you moving! Try a swing dance class or some other movement activity in your community. A hiking and outing group can offer fun things to do. You can find more information on groups to join by checking out meet-ups or simply Googling local events. Most of all, don’t be afraid to go alone and try something new.

Finally, move into radical self-care. That can look different from person to person but enhancing your self-care routines after divorce is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Go to the gym, buy new clothes, get a makeover – learn to be the best new you! These five tips are just some ideas to help you mend your broken heart.


How Can You Mend a Broken Heart lyrics © BMG Rights Management, Capitol CMG Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc. Songwriters: Barry Gibb / Robin Gibb