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Scaring Up A Spectacular Halloween

By: Dana M. Horlick, Attorney, Woodruff Family Law Group

The time you spend with your children is precious and the upcoming Halloween weekend should be no exception. Here are a few fun ideas to make the most of this holiday. Activities for this spook-tacular holiday should be age appropriate. Also take into account the personalities of your children. A child easily scared may not enjoy the same activities as one who is a thrill seeker. Taking these factors into consideration should make it easy to determine the best activity for your child this Halloween.

For younger children, you might consider going to a pumpkin patch to pick up the perfect pumpkin. They can even draw faces on the pumpkins once you get back home. If they are a little older, maybe try having a pumpkin carving contest. For elementary school and even middle school aged children, a hay ride might be a fun time for kids and adults alike. You could also consider taking your children out trick or treating around the neighborhood. Many churches also have trunk or treat activities earlier in the evening that may be more appropriate for younger children. Check to see if any are offered in your area.

For kids that love to cook or create things, try to come up with ideas in these areas. Maybe use fun shaped cookie cutters to bake unique cookies. Or dip caramel apples. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of Halloween recipes out there for things like severed limbs or gooey eyeballs. Let your child get creative and make a scary good treat at the same time. These treats can be used to impress your kid’s friends with the crazy stuff made over the weekend.

If you have children in high school, focus on more adult activities. A trip to one of the many haunted houses around Greensboro would be fantastic for older kids that are up for the thrill. A heart-pounding, screaming good time may make this a very memorable holiday for your teen. There’s nothing like bonding while running from a man with a chain-saw. Again, for activities such as these, consider the age and personality of your child. This type of activity may be perfect for a thrill-seeking, outgoing teen, but a bad night for a cautious, introverted pre-teen. You know your child best, so just keep these factors in mind.

Having two children who are not very close in age may seem to make this a difficult holiday to celebrate. How do you find activities that an 8 year old will enjoy as much as a 15 year old? You can take some of the activities already listed and combine them. Maybe the younger child helps pick the best pumpkin and comes up with ideas for its face and the older child does the actual carving. Both kids could do a corn maze or a hay ride together. By combining activities, both children can have an enjoyable holiday while spending time with you.

It is important that you document this holiday, not only for future custody purposes, but for memory’s sake. Take pictures or videos of the experiences. Next year, you and your children can look back and remember this holiday fondly. In addition, such documentation shows that you are using your visitation time with your children positively and productively. This will be beneficial for you regarding future custody purposes.

The most important thing this coming Halloween is for your children to have a fun and safe time with you, creating memories for years to come. I hope these ideas are helpful. Have a Happy Halloween!