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New Year’s Resolutions – Or is it a Revolution?

by Judi Rossabi, Communications Director

“You say you want a revolution… well you know” – this line from the famous song by Paul McCartney/John Lennon can sum up the year-end when you are going through a divorce or separation. Building a whole new life can be a challenge to anyone.

As a couple, you may have enjoyed friendships with other couples. Navigating relationships post-divorce can be a new experience, and you may not always be included in plans that involve couples. As this year comes to a close, explore what your options may be in terms of planning your free time.


Learn and Grow


Joining a group that offers opportunities to learn something new can be a great place to begin. Check out events near you in the new year. January is a great time to get out and try something new. Many places, such as yoga studios, offer a beginner’s ‘sample’ session. People of all ages enjoy yoga, and it can be soothing and a great place to meet like-minded people. Yoga is a natural anti-depressant!


Check Out the Public Library


Or maybe you like to read. Make a plan to check out your local library. Libraries are filled with options to not only read great literature but learn in other ways as well. A quick glance at the events offered by the Greensboro Public Library revealed a Literati Society that is open to all and meets monthly for a deep dive into a book discussion. You can also join by Zoom if you prefer online access.




Volunteering is a great way to get busy and meet new people while helping others. A myriad of organizations need volunteers, and helping out can help take the focus off of your problems. The best way to begin is to determine what your interests are and then research non-profits that offer volunteer opportunities that interest you.


Go to the Gym


The new year always brings folks to local fitness facilities. Getting moving can help with not only fitness but also get your endorphins pumping and help you move into a positive frame of mind. There are many gyms to consider. Ask your friends where they go or schedule a visit to find out which gym can fit your schedule and help you meet your fitness goals.


Explore Music


Many communities offer a vibrant local music scene where you can listen to musicians – often without a cover charge. Whether you enjoy folk music, rock and roll, or classical, there are great spaces to listen to live music at little or no cost. Karaoke can be a fun way to bring out your inner performer. Look on Facebook Events for various offerings and choose something that interests you.


Take Care of You


Self-care is a big buzzword in today’s world. Learning to take care of yourself is vitally important when you are going through a separation or divorce. Stay active during the day, try to sleep at night, eat nutritious food, and drink water. Taking good care of yourself will help you maintain your energy to build a new life. To paraphrase The Beatles – “You will be all right!”.


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