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Why the Experience of a Celebrity Divorce is Not Realistic, but May be Smart to Strive For.

By Diana Westrick, Legal Assistant, Woodruff Family Law Group

While life in the Triad is far from the Hollywood experience, celebrities have a way of infiltrating our lives in such a way that allows us to live vicariously through them. Key in point, how many of you have yelled at your television when an episode of your favorite reality show ends on a cliffhanger?

Said in your most super-dramatic voice:

“How will I ever function through life if I can’t watch how >input celebrity name here< lives theirs?”

For those believing that a celebrity’s life experiences are just like those of the “lay” people, I hate to ground your illusion, but it is all scripted.  Sure, there may be some relatable moments, but keep in mind that they have a team of professionals whose sole task is to ensure their client maintains a positive media image.  Real things happen to celebrities, but you only get to see the pretty, shiny surface.

With all of that said, I am going to be completely contradictory and enact that you take note of and partake in some celebrity behavior, particularly when it comes to your divorce dealings. Have you ever noticed that, when asked about their impending divorce, celebrities always make a statement such as “we have together come to the difficult decision to split up . . . We have and will continue to have much respect for one another . . . Please respect our privacy during this time.”

Please avoid the immediate thought “I wish my spouse and I could be this civil.” Because guess what!  That statement was written by a publicist who was purposely vague.  A familial scandal would steer away from that positive image we discussed earlier.  So while you should not beat yourself up for experiencing an emotional, tumultuous divorce, you can take on the demeanor of discretion. No one deserves the explanation as to why you are getting divorced, nor do you need to get revved up with some lengthy discussion bashing your ex.  Keep it simple, keep it vague, and move on to shutting down the next nosey person.

**Fun Fact**

Have you ever noticed that when celebrity couple gets divorced, a slew of others follow suit? Apparently, celebrity divorce attorneys encourage their clients to hold off on their divorce until another couple is filing as well.  Why?  To lessen the individualized media coverage, of course.  Similarly, note the spike of divorces post-awards season; no one wants to walk the Red Carpet alone!