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Divorce During a Pandemic

To say the coronavirus has thrown a wrench in many couples’ divorce plans would be an understatement. With courthouses in and around Guilford County having to shut down repeatedly due to reported positive cases within the courthouse, obstacles abound when it comes to the dissolution of marriage nowadays. It is vitally important to practice patience. Although this may be hard given that divorce is a stressful and emotional process, trust that your attorney is doing everything possible to move your case along. 


It is no secret that the various shelter-in-place measures that have been implemented in different counties have caused couples to become confined in their homes to reduce outside social contact. This confinement created a very tense environment for some. Additionally, many couples faced additional stressors of uncertain finances and altered childcare/education plans, which likely exacerbated already high tensions.


If you are facing a high-stress situation during this difficult time, try one of the following stress relievers to help you recharge and refocus.


A Gratitude List


Grab a pen and paper and list all of the things you are grateful for at this very moment. It can be simply feeling grateful for a pair of warm fuzzy slippers to wear during the winter months or a warm plate of food at dinner. Listing the things you are appreciative of can be a powerful way to ease negative thoughts. Additionally, studies show people who practice gratitude have more feelings of well-being.




It is no secret that ever since the coronavirus hit back in March, many of us have struggled to maintain structure and balance in our lives, given that our daily schedules have been turned upside down. A routine is a big part of helping us maintain balance and sanity during chaotic times. Therefore, if your routine has gotten out of whack, take a few moments to try and establish some structure to your day. A daily structure can come in the form of establishing routine times for waking up and going to bed.  You can also establish structure by committing to a daily exercise schedule. Although these may seem small, such actions can help you get back on track, relieve your stress, and make your daily life less chaotic.


These two ideas are a few of many that you can carry out to find relief from stress in your daily life. They can also help couples restore balance in their relationship. However, if you are still seeking a divorce during this time, know that an attorney can guide you through the process, but it will require much patience from you during these unprecedented times.