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You Are Cordially Invited to a…Divorce Party

By Kristina Pisano, Blog Writer, Woodruff Family Law Group

I know it is a bit strange, a divorce party? They are currently trending in popularity, but think about it. Different major events in your life, graduations, birthday, weddings, and retirements are all celebrated. If you went through a messy divorce, wouldn’t you want a chance to celebrate surviving and coming out a better person? A friend of mine had a “Celebration of a New Chapter” party a few years ago. It was after a divorce from her husband of 5 years who she found out was cheating on her with her close friend. It tore her apart emotionally and financially, but she now realizes how much better off she is now that she is isn’t with someone who could break their marriage vows. She had a simple celebration, pot luck style with her closest friends. She even had a cake that she cut and served to everyone. It made her feel like she could surround herself with her true friends and family and celebrate the new chapter in her life. It was a success!

Not everyone could hold a divorce party. Sometimes it is not appropriate or it just might be too painful. Here are some fun ideas for those who want to have an extravagant event, or for those who want to have a simple and personal celebration.

Go Fancy! Go big or go home and celebrate YOU! Choose a venue space, colors, a theme and dinner. It’s almost like preparing for a wedding, but instead you get to make the decisions without the nagging of your ex-mother in law. Get a DJ to dance the night away, have a bartender make fun theme inspired cocktails and go all out. Invite your closest friends who got you through this divorce as well as your family. Most of the time families need to celebrate your divorce because they were just as close to your ex as you were. It would be very inappropriate to invite your children. Plan the party around a weekend the kids are with your ex and just celebrate you!

Girls Weekend! We all have been to a bachelorette/bachelor party to celebrate the soon to be Mr. & Mrs.’s last night out as a single person. Why not celebrate officially being single and ready to mingle? Go bar hopping around town with a limo, spend a weekend at a winery in the mountains or head to the beach. You can always stay close to home and have a good old fashion sleepover with your friends and watch chick flicks, eat popcorn and gossip all night. Your best friends know how to have fun, so they will enjoy celebrating your new change in life.

Guys Night Out! I didn’t want to exclude the men in these possible celebrations so guys, grab your friends and plan a weekend party too! There are plenty of cigar bars around the Triad that would be a good night to try some fancy cigars and a flight of bourbon. There are also several distilleries opening in the Triad and beyond to do a tasting of some local moonshine and other spirits. Go to a sports bar for wings and beer and watch a game, your ex won’t be yelling about how boring sports are anymore!

Cleanse Your Space! I know this may be strange to some of you, but cleansing practices have been around for centuries. If you are living in the same house as you shared with your ex, perform a cleansing or what is known as smudging ritual. This practice is where you cleanse your home of old and negative feelings and experiences. There are several local shops in Greensboro, and Winston-Salem that specialize in healing practices and they can happily assist you. This is more of a personal ceremony so it might be perfect for those who prefer a more private celebration.

Divorces can be hard and if anything, it is important to take time to acknowledge the new change. Throw a party of the lifetime or spend some quiet time reflecting. Celebrate how you have grown and look forward to the new life you are about lead.