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Ouléye Ndoye and Senator Raphael Warnock Custody Battle

Ouléye Ndoye, former wife of Georgia Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock, is demanding he submit to questioning as their child custody battle continues.  Ndoye’s accusations say Warnock has failed to render proper custody of the parties’ minor children during his days of their agreed parenting schedule.  Warnock’s work-related obligations have resulted in extended periods of travel for Warnock, leaving him unavailable during his agreed custodial time.  The parties’ parenting schedule awarded Warnock two weekdays per week, which he is no longer able to fulfill.

Ndoye has also accused Warnock of failing to pay childcare expenses.  According to Ndoye, she has incurred additional childcare costs during the two weekdays per week allotted to Warnock.  Ndoye and Warnock have two children together, ages six and four.  The parties completed their divorce in 2020, and the court awarded joint legal custody to both parties with primary physical custody to Ndoye.


The parties’ divorce has had its share of turmoil.  In March 2020, an officer responded to a domestic dispute between Warnock and Ndoye.  During a heated argument, Warnock was attempting to drive away with the parties’ two children in the backseat and, according to Ndoye, he ran over her foot.


Ndoye has apparently reached her breaking point and has gone public with her continuing troubles regarding the parties’ pending custody and child support battle.