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$734 Million Divorce Settlement

A United Kingdom court recently ordered Dubai ruler and UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to pay his ex-wife, Haya bint al-Hussein, a jaw-dropping $734 million in a divorce settlement.  Haya bint al-Hussein in the Princess of Jordan and the couple have two children together.  This settlement in a divorce is one of the largest ever awarded by a court in the United Kingdom.

Judge Moor presided over the hearings and did not take lightly to Mohammed’s actions noting that Mohammed himself was the biggest threat to Haya and the parties’ two children.  During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Mohammed had deliberately used his connections to intimidate Haya and tarnish her reputation in the press.  He also used technology reserved for government use to hack into Haya’s phone after she fled to London amid the divorce and custody dispute.

It was also revealed during the court proceedings that Haya paid four members of her security team upwards of $8.8 million for their silence in keeping her affair with British bodyguard, Russell Flowers, a secret.

The parties’ divorce was a tumultuous series of events.  In addition to the intimidation campaign Mohammed launched on Haya, the parties’ children also got caught in the crossfire.  Mohammed threatened to remove the parties’ son from Haya’s care and told her she would never see him again.  He also allegedly told both children that they “do not need their mother any more.”

Judge Moor did not hold back when outlining the exorbitant expenses needed by Haya and the parties’ two children to continue their lives apart from Mohammed.  Judge Moor ordered Mohammed to pay Haya $333 million in the next three month and to set aside additional money for an education fund for the children.  Additionally, Judge Moor outlined the following costs to cover the lavish royal lifestyle including, $14.5 million a year will cover security costs, $18 million will cover Haya’s jewelry, $1.3 million will cover Haya’s haute couture clothing, $1.3 million for cars, and $6.6 million for race horses.

Despite the parties’ dissolved matrimonial bonds, Haya and the two children will continue to carry on a life of luxury.