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Re-Ignite the Movement: A Virtual Gala Experience

On Saturday, January 30, 2021, the International Civil Rights Center and Museum (ICRCM) hosted its 61st Anniversary Gala virtually to celebrate national and local activists who have made significant contributions to advancing human and civil rights. Despite the pandemic, ICRCM flawlessly executed the event via Zoom, where all viewers and attendees had the best seat in the house—right from their living room couches. 


The Gala began with a poetic short film entitled “The Walk.” This film featured poets Josephus Thompson III, LB the Poet, Main Man, and Trey Gass, who captured the actions of the four brave and courageous young men from North Carolina A&T University whose actions at the Woolworth in Greensboro, N.C., sparked a movement for racial and social justice and equality. The film was a powerful and creative reenactment and a must-see for all. The ICRCM is working on uploading the film on their YouTube channel for all to enjoy.


Throughout the program, the Gala honored several individuals who have courageously challenged the social justice boundaries and exhibited commitment to fostering conversations regarding race and equality. These individuals are committed to promoting and educating young minds to become activists and future leaders.  The honored individuals were U.S. Congressman James Clyburn, Bryan Stevenson, Rev. Julie Peeples, Ingrid Wynn Catlin, and Mr. Terence “T.C” Muhammad.


The virtual Gala also featured a dance called “Eyes of Hope” performed by members of The Pointe! Studio of Dance and choreographed by Gina Tate.  The dancers’ interpretive movements were phenomenal, and the emotions displayed throughout were extremely powerful.  The audience also enjoyed a surprise performance by The Hamiltones, who performed their new song “Message 2 America.”  The soulful music reverberating through the computer speakers could not help but put a smile on your face.


After the program concluded, the ICRCM hosted a Q&A session with the poets, the program award recipients, and the dedicated staff members of the ICRCM.  This provided an excellent opportunity for all attendees to have their questions answered and express their gratitude for a job well done! It is no wonder the ICRCM has become a trailblazer of virtual events during this difficult pandemic time.  The entire program was outstanding and a safe way for community members to spend a Saturday night participating in an uplifting and educational experience.


Overall, the program deserves five gold stars.  The ICRCM is currently hosting virtual tours of the museum and you can find all of the information you need to register at  The dedicated and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the museum’s various exhibits and answer any questions you may have throughout the tour.  This slice of history right here in Greensboro, North Carolina, provides ample opportunities that should not be missed!